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3x9 Purple Pillar Candle/case of 6

3x9 Purple Pillar Candle/case of 6

Our Price: $80.75

Product Code: 1386C100

Item #: 1386
Burn Time: 130 Hours
Overall Height: 9.0 inches
Overall Diameter: 3.0 inches
Dimensions: 3.00" diameter x 9.00" height
Color: purple
Scent: This item is Not Scented
Shipping: Usually ships same day
Style: round pillar
Available in 13 Colors
Available in 11 Styles

As low as $7.99 per piece
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These beautiful 3x9 Purple Pillar Candles are top quality and are available in a variety of colors.

3x9 pillar candles
Smokeless and drip resistant (when burned properly)
Notice: Even dripless or drip resistant candles may drip! There is no guarantee that they will not drip. Dripless candles require ideal burning conditions in order for them to not drip. Here are a few guidelines that will help minimize the chance of dripping and smoking:

Mount candles on a level surface
Ensure that the candles stand up straight
Make sure that wick is trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting
Keep away from draft or anything that might sway the flame in any direction
If a candle starts to drip, extinguish the flame, let wax harden, then re-light
Avoid overheating. (Clustering candles or enclosing candles in a tight container will produce more heat.)
Keep wax pool clean of debris.
Always burn candle on fire proof holder to protect surface and collect possible dripping
Never leave a candle unattended or around children or pets

As in all colored candles, dyes used may bleed after time. To ensure your furniture is not stained and damaged, please make sure to use proper candle holders to act as a protection barrier. Please also note that all candles, after time, will change color. Color change is usually slow and subtle, but the speed that the color changes is determined by the environment that the candle is in. Color change is usually due to temperature changes and sun light, but other factors may play a role as well. This is also true when it comes to different production batches, colors be!
tween batches may differ slightly as well and is perfectly normal. Our team always tries to send items from the same batch within the same order.

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